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Our Story


Cape Town Woodstock Exchange Indigenous Shop

INDIGENOUS was born out of a passion for nature, and a desire to celebrate her through exceptional quality and need for authenticity in this fast-paced life we lead. Frustrated with mass production, we wanted to offer handmade products with craftsmanship and true essence.
By focusing on three main aspects in our lives, this home, body and soul space celebrates these elements through skincare, bath and body care, and beautiful simplistic contemporary design for oneself and home.

From humble beginnings in Woodstock, Cape Town, INDIGENOUS has grown to stock and collaborate with many like-minded brands, who share in our vision for a chemical free, cruelty-free, natural lifestyle. We continue to develop products that focus on the importance of making time for the self through raw luxuries that revive the spirit and create the home to be the sanctuary space we all need.

Our Skincare and Body & Bath ranges are beautifully luxurious, caring for your mind, your skin and the environment. All our products are paraben free, chemical free and cruelty-free, and wherever possible organic and certified organic ingredients are used.

Our Lifestyle and Living ranges showcases designers that follow a similar ethos of beautiful quality with a minimal feel and simple, contemporary design ethic. We support ’indigenous’ craft to their origin and people, showcasing local as well as international cultures through well thought out and hand select, handmade curated design and craft for the home as functional homeware as well as decor.