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Conquer Sibonga Pattern Trinket Bowl
Conquer Sibonga Pattern Trinket Bowl
R 250.00

Conquer Sibonga Pattern Trinket Bowl

The SIBONGA trinket dish inspired by a heart filled with grate-fullness; Grateful for the small things in life as well as the bigger. Thank-full that we can do what we love, embrace life’s beauties. We should always remember where we come from, but never stop moving forward, to be better, to learn more and to love more.
This beautifully hand painted with graphic patterns trinket bowl is perfect for jewellery, as a tapas bowl, or just for decoration purposes.

Size: +/-  11cm (circumference) x 3cm (high)

Colour: Blush pink, white and black

Each item is handmade and not mass-produced, every item made by CONQUER is unique and one of a kind. Product may differ slightly to the one on picture.

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