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House Of Gozdawa Ghost
House Of Gozdawa Ghost
R 370.00

House Of Gozdawa Ghost

The first travel Eau de Cologne created by House of Gozdawa, GHOST is inspired by the scent of petrichor rising after rain in the Cape mountains. It is an evocation of home as well as a breath of discovery and release, this travel scent was made with adventure and exploration in mind.

To evoke memories of home, distinctive and unique among new landscapes, GHOST is a refreshing burst of scent that gives new life and energy to the travel-weary body. Spritz it on as you step off the plane to revive you for the adventure ahead, use it to scent a scarf or luggage to bring a taste of home with you as you travel. GHOST was made for voyages, known and unknown.


Mandarine, Wild Cape Rosemary, Fynbos, Spearmint, Dark woods, Minerals

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