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Lancidem Traditional Incense
Lancidem Traditional Incense
R 60.00

Lancidem Traditional Incense

An all natural incense made from dried Impepho, indigenous to Africa. Dried Impepho was traditionally burnt for healing and to invoke the goodwill of ancestors.  

Do's: Carefully light it and place in a bowl. Smoke will slowly form and fragrance the space with a raw natural smell.

Don'ts: No drinking it. Can be a fire hazard.

It is believed that the smoke is sedative and helpful for insomnia.
The smoke of Impepho is also used as an insect repellent.

Impepho & hemp rope.

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handmade HANDMADE   vegan product VEGAN   all natural ingredients 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS

 certified organic CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS   cruelty free CRUELTY-FREE


proudly South African made PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN   organic ingredients ORGANIC INGREDIENTS

environmentally friendly products ORGANIC INGREDIENTS