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Myrrh Resin Incense
Myrrh Resin Incense
R 80.00

Myrrh Resin Incense

The African plant known as Commiphora Myrrh exudes from this precious bitter-sweet resin, hand harvested in the warm lowlands of southern Ethiopia. Myrrh is an aromatic blessing from dry African earth that echoes the desert’s mystery and timeless beauty traditions.

The relaxing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bitter-sweet-smelling, fruity myrrh is used to cleanse places of negative energies. Uplifts the spirits and evokes a sacred sense of calm. It has anti-bacterial properties to boot. High in antioxidants and 100% natural. Create a sacred calm and happy balance – myrrh contains compounds that can affect your emotions and produce many important happy hormones within your body. Burned as an air purifying agent, clears and lifts the mood. 

Burn the incense by placing a small piece on a lit charcoal puck. This releases the essential oils and fragrances from the resin in an aromatic smoke. Alternatively, place a piece of resin into a neutral carrier oil such as coconut or grape seed, and burn in an oil burner.

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