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Soul + Space Palo Santo
Soul + Space Palo Santo
R 60.00

Soul + Space Palo Santo

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is an aromatic wood found in the Ecuadorian dry forests, known in Spanish as “holy wood.” The tree belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh. The smoke from Palo Santo wood transmits a beautiful soothing, subtle, exotic fragrance of mint, pine and citrus. The fragrance is believed to bring healing, protection and good fortune to the user.

Sold per stick. 10cm x 2cm each.

Hold the tip of the Palo Santo stick over a candle, match or lighter till it catches light. Allow the stick to burn before blowing out the flame, creating a smoking coal. For space clearing, move about the space you would like to clear with the intention to remove stagnant energy. Or place your stick in a metal, glass or clay bowl. Allow the smoke to go out on its own or blow gently to continue burning. Each stick can be reused several times.

Smudging / Space Clearing Energy Clearing Crystal Clearing Aids focus, clarity and creativity Aids meditation and grounding Help reduce stress and anxiety Natural home fragrance Natural insect repellent Our Palo Santo is harvested from sustainable sources as part of the Reforestation Project in Puerto Lopez. Our wood is only processed from trees that have died naturally and have been processed after curing for at least 4 years. Due to the natural source of Palo Santo, size and consistency may vary.

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