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Summah Shaving Brush
R 150.00

Summah Shaving Brush

Boars hair shaving brush with wooden handle. The bristles reach under the beard and tenderise the skin below your facial hair before you shave.

Size 8,5cm x 3,5cm

Using a brush raises hairs so they are easily sliced once you start shaving.

The lather creates a protective layer to prevent cuts

The bristles allow the shaving cream to reach the skin close to the base of the hair, softening the skin and preventing skin irritation often caused by shaving.

Wet the bristles with warm water and place a spot of shaving cream in the center of the brush. Then use a circular motion to spread the lather on your face. Apply shaving cream with brush creating a slick and evenly distributed lather. If needed add a little hot water to increase the lather.

When finished rinse off the brush with warm water, wring it out, and let it dry off.

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