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Wild Olive Citrusdal Perfume 3ml
Wild Olive Citrusdal Perfume 3ml
R 95.00

Wild Olive Citrusdal Perfume 3ml

This 100% natural perfume by Wild Olive, is a single 3ml spray vile perfect for your handbag, or to add that touch of elegance to any gift. Citrusdal is a compilation of citrus notes found in the orchards of the Cederberg. It's minimalistic in it's expression and represents all parts of a citrus tree- the bark, the leaves, the flowers and the fruit of Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Orange, Bergamot and Lime. It's a crisp and elegant in manner.

Neroli (South Africa, Morocco, India) orange Flower Absolute (Morocco), Petitgrain (Morocco), Lemon (South Africa), Orange (South Africa), Hyrax (South Africa), Frankincense (Somalia)

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